Monday, 1 August 2016

This Is Where I'm At | August

I feel like I've swallowed a cloudy sky

August. A month I share with the Leos. I want you to know, dear reader, that today you were an item on my To Do list. Yes, for the first time ever, you were pencilled in as a necessity for the first of the month. No more laziness, no more excuses, no more tardiness. We'll see. 

I jumped on the hype train for bullet journalling. I've been planning it out for the past week, but it only really kicked off today with the opening of a new month. I hope it'll make me more organised, more motivated, more focused. Or, at the very least, make my transition into a thirty three year old soccer mom who has a craft room easier to comprehend. (I've been watching Orphan Black.) 
July passed. In a blur of record temperatures and CV edits and television. Turning a house into a home is a funny thing, because once it was accomplished, it then became the last place I wanted to spend my days. You create a wonderful living space and then you beg someone to allow you to spend forty hours in their office with a computer.

Last month I learned that Lucerne is beautiful. I reintroduced my parents to Brighton. I turned, as always, to fiction. Peaky Blinders was consumed in its entirety. I adore Cillian Murphy, and though I don't usually enjoy shows with as much violence as this one, I always enjoy finding myself rooting for a terrible, corrupt person and pretending he's a hero. I also packed in a few Orphan Black episodes, but I'm determined to make more time for it this month because I think it has a lot to teach me as a storyteller. I closed the month - and kicked off this one - with Harry Potter back in my hands. 

And it has really messed with my head, though maybe it's just cabin fever at this point. I didn't consider myself someone who feels a particular 'ownership' over a character, even nostalgic childhood ones. But when an author spends a decade giving you the building blocks to a character, and a few film directors slap on the exterior and give that character a voice, and then you - adult you - takes a step back and looks at the whole picture, and it's not what you imagined... HELP. I jest. I don't have anything to compare the HP phenomenon to. It's a constant in our lives. Childhood, adolescence, adult. And I believe in endings, I really do. But with Harry Potter, it feels like no ending is ever definite. To some, that is the greatest gift. To me, confusion and anxiety. Though, to the book selling industry, a huge wonderful mid-year surge. So I'll get over it. 

I went back to Murakami this month, I hope to talk about him in a book video very soon. 
August! I put all my faith in your hands. Let's see what we can manage. Let's spend a birthday in Belgium. Let's put our best foot forward. 

Yours, on-time,