Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Favourite Internet-Based Yoga

...because humans in the outside world do not need to see me attempting downward-facing dog. Nope.

Hello! It's summer and in summer I go through little phases of eating lots of foods that start life in the mud and drinking copious amounts of water and rekindling a spark with my old friend yoga.

I got into yoga a couple of years ago when I was feeling a bit BLEH (a word that is not yet in the dictionary but one day it will be) and TKMaxx had a sale on yoga mats.

As of last week, I have a full time job that involves a lot of sitting down and staring at a screen (which sounds very like I've become a full time Youtuber but that is not the case). I sort of subconsciously visited my old favourite yoga workout last night in an attempt to stretch out my poor back. I guess the warning that should come here is that if you do any sort of fitness at home, you could be doing it very wrong and doing more harm than good. Please be careful and research proper 'form' before you become a yoga queen or king. Here are my favourite places to find yoga online:

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Level 1

I love this video. It's just over half an hour long and if you commit to doing it, it's an absolute killer for a weak sprout like myself. I enjoy the repertoire between the three women, and Jillian delivers a couple of funny moments that I have heard at least half a dozen times, but I still chuckle. This is a workout, so it combines yoga with movement and repetitions in order to burn fat and make you all sweaty, but she's good at constantly reminding you to breathe, which is a big old aspect of yoga. This was the first video of this kind I ever found, and I can remember how rewarding it was to do it three days a row and feel how much stronger I was becoming.

Namaste Yoga

My pal Melanie featured this channel in a video of hers a few months ago, and I really like watching the videos, even if I don't partake in any yoga whatsoever. It's more of a calm, relaxed, namaste vibe, with beautifully recorded videos and a whispery voiceover. When my job becomes more stressful, I will probably be frequenting this channel a lot more.

Yoga With Adriene

This channel is my newest find. It feels a lot more like watching a Youtuber than watching a fitness tape. The video I've linked is the first of a 30 Day Yoga Challenge which I am definitely going to try... although maybe not thirty consecutive days. She references The Simpsons within the first 42 seconds of that video, what a gal.

Also, in this video I am aware it seems like I have ZERO YOGA SKILLS but I do, I swear! Let me know if you ever use Youtube for fitness inspiration.

Have a lovely week!



  1. Hello, Candice :)

    I would like to suggest you to check out Blogilates (YouTube, of course) :D

  2. Hi Candice!
    Together my best friend, her best friend and I decided to try out some Youtube Yoga videos and found one that turned out to be really hard and not for beginners even if the title said so (and we aren't that unflexible it was just..too much).
    So I'm glad you shared those links with us, I'll try them out the next time we attempt another yoga session! :D

    1. That's such a fun thing to do with your friends! The first one I posted is really nice because one of the participants does the full experienced pose and the other girl does a more beginner take on it (usually much less stretching involved :P)

  3. omg, thank you for this, Candice!, I've tried numerous times to start yoga but I kept finding way to hard "beginners" videos, a quick look at those makes me want to start again!