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Thoughts from a 'Gilmore Girls' Obsessive

As many of you may know, I dedicated a year of my life to watching every single episode of Gilmore Girls, start to finish. The show, which I'd previously seen in disjointed order over the years, got me through countless essay deadlines, wedding planning, and lazy Friday nights. I've been meaning to curate some of my feels since finishing the show a couple of months ago. This will contain a few spoilers so tread carefully!

gilmore girls

1. There will always be someone out there who drinks more coffee than I do. The first ever line spoken in the show is Lorelai Gilmore begging Luke for more coffee. Way to establish your running themes, guys.

2. An OTP will find you in the end. Anyone who actually supports any of Rory Gilmore's relationships is someone to be very dubious of indeed. But, eventually, I realised that *spoiler* Lane and Zack's relationship was the main one I was invested in. They supported each other, accepted each other and dealt with whatever life threw them. And they were also carefree, creative types and I love that.

3. But if I had to choose... I always disliked Dean. He didn't respect Rory and her interests and later, his whole marriage plot and all its repercussions didn't sit right with me. As for Jess... he had issues and that relationship was both manipulative and abusive. Logan? When Logan drops that line about Rory not having to pay for anything because she lives with him, I noped so hard I rolled off my couch. HOWEVER. The glimpse we get into the life of 'adult' Jess and his hip bookstore is so positive. If Rory had to end up with one of the three, it would be Jess. All uncomplicated and prioritised and bookish.

4. Melissa McCarthy, forever and always. If you watch Gilmore Girls late, it's easy to forget the first season aired in 2000. YEARS before 'Bridesmaids' and the reign of Melissa McCarthy. But watch her throughout the seasons as Sookie and find someone with sharper comic timing or more charisma. I am so pleased with every new movie I see her face in. Sookie is the character I most relate to, believe it or not.

5. Watching interviews of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel is a disastrous idea. Because they are not the Gilmore girls. I once watched an interview in which they admit to having no idea what most of the references they speak in mean. Accepting them as real-life people is totally illusion shattering and just plain bad.

6. As is reading criticism of the show. Watching things critically is an excellent skill to have. But so many of the anti-GG articles on the internet are just over the top, craving views and provoking fans. The main one that gets under my skin is that Rory is too clean-cut, too mindlessly worshipped by the people of Stars Hollow, too perfect. I see that, to an extent, but I think anyone who has watched every single episode can plot her flaws and her imperfections. I think the shared history of Lorelai and Stars Hollow is given in just enough detail (without any dodgy flashbacks) and someone like me who grew up in a tiny town can appreciate that if a young, hardworking, caring mother turns up with a kid and no money, you as a community are going to become their family. The people of Stars Hollow adore Rory. But you know what? They also adore Lane. My favourite moment in the WHOLE show is when Rory is saying goodbye to Lane on Lane's porch, and they give each other the support they always have. One: white, career woman, college graduate. The other: Korean, a wife, a mother. Neither of their lifestyles is shown as the 'better' option. They're both flawed and perfect and anxious.

7. I want to meet Amy Sherman-Palladino. Amy created the show. She wrote, produced, directed and did so much more. When the last season rolled around, she made certain requests from their network and they refused to fulfil them, so she left. David S. Rosenthal replaced she and her husband Daniel for the last season. I want to meet her and thank her for such incredible television, but also find out what her vision for the last episode was. This is one of the main reasons fans want some sort of reunion to happen; we need to know how the true heart and mind of Gilmore Girls had planned.

8. Spot-the-cameo is a very rewarding game to play whilst watching Gilmore Girls. Community's Danny Pudi shows up in Yale's newsroom all fresh-faced later on in the show. Seth MacFarlane ruins a perfectly good episode in Season Two. Victoria Justice, Jane Lynch, Norman flipping Mailer... the list goes on.

9. I want to be Paris and Emily combined. The one liners those two came out with over the years. I think Paris is so underrated, and a solid representation of a college student. Remember when she cuts Logan down: 'You offer nothing to women or the world in general'. GOLD. As for Emily, what a brilliantly etched character. I once had to pause the show and cry with laughter because Emily said the following:
Richard: Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch!
Emily: Well then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno because I am open for business.

10. It never ends. No, not in a JK Rowling throwing a new plot twist in every 2 months way. But in a 'hear Carole King on the radio and tear up' kinda way. The entire cast (almost) and Amy are getting together THIS MONTH for a panel in Texas. LOOK. I honestly don't think there will be a time I can resist going back to this show. And don't be surprised if I name my kids after its characters. Seriously.


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  1. oh....the feelings! I just loved the show and the characters! My favorite show ;-)