Thursday, 11 June 2015

An Update from Asia

Phew. I am currently in Bangkok, Thailand. Since leaving Dublin on Sunday, I've been to Dubai and Hong Kong, before sweating our way here. I don't really want this to be a travel post, because it's not really fair to judge a place on a two day stay (is it ever fair to judge a place as a tourist? Hmm.) Instead, let's have a little catch up! I have a hotel room brewed Nescafe in my hand, and Avengers playing quietly in the background.

It is HOT. Dubai was around 40 degrees, which is by far the hottest temperature my pasty Celtic skin has ever felt. Hong Kong was only a little colder, and the sun here in Bangkok is relentless. It makes it very hard to do anything, and yesterday we spent a really lazy day walking around the Wat Saket Temple, swimming, and watching movies in our room. We are spending our third night at Mandarin Hotel tonight, and it's the fanciest lodgings I have ever had, all for the price of a UK Travelodge.

Celery, pineapple, carrot and lemon. Getting some vitamins.

spinach pizza
Spinach more like TWINach!!

I think all of the cities so far have fulfilled my expectations, with beautiful natural countryside and frantic, humid city centres. Though we are managing public transport quite nicely, (and constantly feeling spoiled to speak and read English) I'm glad we're not doing week-long stints in each place.

I email my dad every day. Growing up, I didn't leave the UK until I was a teenager on school trips. I suppose my parents held the belief that if you can't afford to travel securely, you don't travel. (That and my dad's fear of flying!) That collides head-on with the 'get up and leave it all behind' mantra that propels many of my favourite films. It's the gap year attitude, the budget on a shoestring, the hostel anecdotes. And as much as I do think travelling can be done on a budget, my own mindset and anxieties rely on knowing that a taxi can be taken from the airport when it's 1am. That I can be picky about the restaurants I eat at (I am finding this trip very not vegetarian friendly argghgh.) I suppose I've just been thinking a lot about how money talks, and how you have to be a certain type of person to tackle the haggling of taxi fares that's required here, to not be taken advantage of. Also, this isn't to say I am free to be frivolous with money, believe me when I say I have edited my CV and applied for jobs whilst here. There's also the pressure of what am I supposed to be getting out of this? whilst in a culture-shock place, because I don't ever buy anything when I travel. No souvenirs, no new clothes... so it leaves you feeling like you have to do the expensive tourist activities to see a place through the eyes it wants to be seen. My God, I can ramble when I'm jetlagged.
Finding Buddha
Clearly thinking about how he has to spend a WHOLE MONTH with me

Our meet ups have been lovely, and there will be a wonderful (hopefully) video on Sunday.

I'm currently reading Stoner by John Williams and I haven't made my way through too many pages because my eyes are always sleepy, but I really like it so far.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of this!


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  1. I feel for you on the jetlag. It is so easy to forget how painful it can be :)