Saturday, 4 April 2015

This Is Where I'm At | April

A little late with this month's installment, but that says a lot about how April stormed in and obliterated free time for writing. I write from a fold-out hotel bed on Day 2 of the BriBry and Dodie Clark UK/Ireland Tour. My dear friend and valued bass player, Gary, has monopolised blogging this tour and inspired/provoked me to join in.

March. Notable things that happened last month include a four day road trip around Baltic Europe and 24 hours in Copenhagen. I feel like driving is such a great way to SEE parts of countries that aren't just capital cities, but it's so tiring. The countries I saw will forever be linked to 6am alarms in my mind. I also got to meet so many lovely people and be floored by their language skills and chocolate-based generosity.

What else, what else? Spring is upon us, evoking the same images in my mind as it did when I was 4. DAFFODILS AND LAMBS. AW. I love the gradual stretching of light into summer and one of these days I am going to go outside without my duffle coat. I am.

I quit a job I'd had for 18 months in March, and moved on to different things for me and my YouTube. I will make lots of new videos soon, I promise.

April is mostly taken up by this lovely tour, and I don't know what a normal music tour consists of but ours are always full of in-jokes, unhealthy food, (Easter eggs, anyone?) coffee made with hotel bathroom water and meeting SO MANY PEOPLE. It's also a challenge- I spent so long practising (as any person who takes up space on a stage should) but I still have to sit on my hands to stop them shaking at the start of every show. I also find being around people for so many consecutive days to be a huge introvert hurdle, and I have a huge pile of books to get lost in over the next week if it all gets too much.

Speaking of books, my dissertation word count haunts my dreams and I have a reluctance to write my final essays because they are my FINAL final essays and that makes my head spin. April will involve a lot of reading and writing, so that when May is over I can honestly say I could not have worked any harder than I did. 

Right now I'm in Edinburgh, and we spent our day off locating Harry Potter related sights in the city. Going to the cafe where JK Rowling penned much of the first HP book was emotional and inspiring and sad all at once. I can't help but think of all the hours spent in coffee shops writing novels that never have life beyond those laptop screens. But even finishing a novel is a huge, remarkable thing. Perhaps April can be all about completion. We'll finish the tour, I'll finish reading these books, and chapters will keep coming to a close. But as someone who fought through Ulysses for a second time in March, I know that some stories never seem to come to an end.

Thanks for reading, I hope to update this more frequently with tour anecdotes throughout this month!

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  1. Once dissertation is done all summer can be spent on said books. Was lucky with mine as I was encouraged to read all fiction for mine.

    Having a finished novel that doesn't leave the laptop screen can be a sad notion. Usually writing in a cafe sticks it that way. Free wifi allows you to log onto social media for numbers of hours whilst your characters twiddle their thumbs for the continuation. Maybe that's how a writer should think. Unless they're actively writing, their characters will be stuck in a freeze frame limbo.

    I also think JK Rowling Cafe spot is rare. I couldn't really write in a cafe. So many chattering teenagers and instruments and music going on. My characters couldn't think over the noise.

    Lots of love and chocolate this Easter dear Candice - will see you and BriBry soon xx