Monday, 7 July 2014

Conquering July

This blog is situated somewhere between two videos uploaded yesterday- meowitslucy's 'I'm a Mess' and Bethshake's video on Emily Diana Ruth's channel for her 'Letters to July' series (which I love).

Bethany is about to go to university, Lucy just finished her first year and I have just finished my second year, so it's unsurprising that I nodded along, relating to both videos. The common theme is wanting to use July to be productive and creative, and knowing that this free time is precious but somehow sleeping the month away anyway.

July is a weird month because you can see the free time and potential laid out in front of you like never before, but the temptation to sleep through it because of June's stress is just too much. If you haven't salvaged your summer by August, it's far too late - everyone knows that time actually moves quicker in August. I used to dread my late August birthday as a child for this very reason. School was within my grasp.

This year, I'm spending July in a part-time job that takes up my weekday mornings and early afternoons. And I'm still working in social media for a few hours in the evenings. In fact, my schedule is fuller than it ever is when I'm in university... Go English degrees. I've had two goals for this summer:

- Have an answer to the 'what did you do this summer?' question.
- Earn some money. 

Both were equally challenging. Summer jobs for students are so hard to come by, and even when you manage to get one and you're drifting along at minimum wage, all you can think about is how you're not getting any 'relevant work experience' and an unpaid internship may have been a better choice. 

As for the doing stuff part, like both aforementioned videos, to me this mostly means doing something creative: making proof that I was here. I suppose this partly explains the Scribbles album, the return to blogging, the upcoming daily videos in August, the frequent library trips and the local excursions that have me feeling like a tourist right here.

I'm no longer accustomed to having summer holidays; my first part-time job began when I was 12 and it took up every summer in its entirety until I moved to Belfast aged 19. This time last year saw me with three and a half months of nothingness sitting right in the middle of my calendar. This time next year will see me *hopefully* graduating and then probably fleeing the country for a few months.

So, July 2014, I am resting a lot of hopes on you. Perhaps I'm putting too much pressure on you. I'm attempting to squeeze every drop out of you whilst counting down your days because your closing sees a holiday and a return to London and being reunited with the faraway friends. So really, July, you're just like every other month: I try to make the most of you then end up doing what I always do - looking forward, looking right past you.

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  1. Love your blog - Great post!
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